Saturday, 16 June 2018

How To Style Culottes | Customise Garments With Samshek

Most of the times, women couldn’t find the right size in the clothing. Irrespective of design they have to compromise on fit and finally buy either small, medium or large. What if you don’t have to struggle with design and size? Woman can co-create the design and order in her own size. You can give your own measurements and order the clothes of your co-created design. Click to continue...

Friday, 15 June 2018

Don’t Fit Your Body, Customise To Suit Your Style Online with Samshek

When it comes to dressing well, nothing matters more than fit right? So, let me ask you: are you happy with the dress you are wearing? Be honest, Do you look in the mirror every morning before you head out into the world and think, “Hell yeah, I nailed it.”Or do you think, “This looks okay, fitting is not that great” I should have bought something else for this special occasion? 
We always end up thinking, that nobody understands our style better than ourselves. We always get confused with Should we return the outfit or exchanged it with some other piece but what if the other dresses that checked on the store don’t fit us!

Stop thinking too much and don’t be so hard on yourself, there is this super cool and friendly online brand Samshek that specializes in customized clothing. They have a wide range of designer collection to offer and the best part is that. you can customise your garment according to your body type, measurements, choice of color, neckline, silhouette preferences, etc. Isn’t this cool?

A few days back, I was browsing through the website and I saw this smart navy blue knee-length culottes, but I wanted that in black color, So I tried their customization option, must tell you guys, I am super happy with the product and also with their services.

So, I thought of creating some looks with the product that I received. Below are the styles that I have created with the single pair of black culottes.

Look 1:

Here I am wearing white t-shirt, Paired with yellow tassel long earrings, my favorite comfortable black wedges.

And that’s it you are good to go!!!

So Comfy, relaxed and fun!

Look 2:

Floral crop top paired with a denim jacket, fancy gold hoops and again same footwear 

Perfect for any fashion event. 

This is so easy and chic!!

Thanks for reading!!

Love to All.

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Standout Style In Outfits Custom-Made Clothing For You

A few days back, I saw one of my friends wearing a lovely pink dress. As curious as a cat, I approached her to learn about the source of the dress and in no time ordered it online. The dress arrived within the promised timeline, but when I tried it on, it shrouded my body in a sack-like fashion. It looked nothing like what I had envisioned. My friend is very tall and athletic while I’m on the petite side, so while the dress looked great on her it made me look like an expanse of wallpaper. I tried containing my disappointment, but it was like trying to contain a rabid Rottweiler in a tea-cup Chihuahua’s leash. That’s when I found about Samshék and it's custom-made clothing range. Samshék offers an array of urban essentials appealing to modern-minded and cosmopolitan women who crave simple sophistication.

I think, custom-made clothing is a great idea. Whether you’re after the perfect fit, or just something that’s uniquely you, investing in a customized piece of clothing ensures that the final product is something which is unable to be replicated. Customization allows you to bring more of your own character into the design. The advantages of it is that they are one-of-a-kind items that speak to your individual style.

While going through their super user friendly interface, the first outfit that caught my eye was this beautiful two toned silk evening dress. While the outfit looked like a dream, I wanted to put my own spin to it. I had the choice of front/back necklines, length of the dress, sleeves and even the color of the dress and the fabric. I did not change the color as I loved this one totally, but I played a little with the hemlines and sleeves, and tweaked it till I was completely satisfied with the look. I have never seen an assortment of sizes as wide as Samshék’s. It starts at S and goes all the way till 9XL. You’ll certainly find a size that works best for you, off-chance even if you don’t, you can always personalize the size. The advantages of custom-made clothing like this is that each item is fitted to the individual, both physically and stylistically.

The range that you find here is very interesting and eclectic. You’ll find outfits which are understated enough for relaxing at weekends, comfortable enough to pull a 9-5 shift without a worry, and stylish enough to dress up for even a trip to Milan.

Samshék emphasizes the experience from beginning to end, showcasing an appreciation for individual preferences, luxury fabrics, impeccable construction, and a lasting bond with clientele. I totally loved the experience, and definitely recommend you check it out.

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Custom-Made Silk Evening Dress | Samshek

Custom clothing online | silk evening dress

Corporatelukbuk in custom-made feather light 100% silk Samshék's outfit. Check out Tone Ruffle Evening Dress.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

The Advantages of Custom Clothing and Online Shopping with Samshek

Hey everyone!

A quick life update: I just graduated and will now be going for my post-graduation. Super-duper excited for the beginning of this new phase.

 So this blog is about an amazing shopping website which I came across called Samshek (Instagram handle – @samshek.unicorn). It’s a woman shopping website for western wear which also deals in plus size clothing. What makes this brand very unique is that it customizes the products according to our needs which is very innovative, and this is what makes it stand out from the other sites.

You can customize the length of the tops and dresses, what type of sleeves and collars you want. This is what I absolutely loved about Samshek that you have the option of customizing and styling the products all by yourself.  Basically, Samshek lets you be your own stylist!

Another thing that I liked about Samshek is that apart from the given size chart, you can choose to give your own exact measurements. Also, they deliver the products in 3-4 days which is super-fast.

So, in this blog, I will be styling a pair of formal straight cut trousers which I got from Samshek. I loved its quality and it just fit me so well styled the pants with a crop top. It’s a tube top with ruffles and looks very stylish. Gave an edge to the outfit by pairing a black formal blazer from H&M over it. The red and black combination is one of my favourites and it always works well. For the footwear I wore my all-time favourite heels from StreetStyleStore. Really liked the way this #BossBabe look turned out to be!

Thanks, you so much Samshek for providing customisation option in your website I really happy with my lovely custom-made outfit.

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Casual Clothing and Formal Custom Dresses Online With Samshek

Hello Curvies!
Today’s post is a little different than my other (read, previous) fashion posts as this is in response to all of you working ladies who have been asking me for ways to dress up as a corporate woman while keeping intact your inner fashionista. I get it, as we grow older, adulting takes over and if you are a business woman or even remotely associated with the corporate sector, dressing in a formal attire becomes all the more vital. However, going by the trends, it is as if the conventional formal clothing brands do not think us plus sized women worthy of working in the corporate sector. I mean what other explanation can be given for the lack of even remotely decent formal attire for the curvier of us in the market? Casual clothing and formal custom dresses online with Samshek

I am all for equality, and more than gender equality, I feel the need of the hour is human equality. Being fat does not make you less worthy of your profession or your home or love in that case. But it is you who decides your respect in the society, and of course the way you dress speaks volumes about not just how you look but how you feel. And trust me it is only when you feel good about yourself, will your persona ooze a charm which will demand respect. I have seen a lot of plus size clothing for women doing wonders on the professional front but still getting subdued because they feel they are not good-looking enough to be worthy of all this. Also, being on the top most rung of the corporate ladder demands professional clothing. Enough of run-of-the-mill sarees and ill-fitting pant suits, Samshek as a brand has made sure that every woman–professional or not–has the right to look and feel great in the formal attire that she chooses to wear by giving her just the right fit and feel of the outfit.

Samshek is one of the very few e-clothing brands in India which has brought in the concept of customization alive. Many times, ordering clothes online gets very tedious because sizing is a big problem with us plus sizes. If our bust size tells us we are a size 3 in a particular brand our waist size tells another story altogether. In such cases (very common with me to be honest), customized sizing options come as such a relief. Samshek has a range of varied clothing–from casuals, tops, bottoms, party wear to formal wear while its major focus stays on bringing premium luxury clothing to the Indian masses at prices that won’t burn a hole in the pockets.

And this post by no means is a promotional post, I genuinely Loved the dress, and this is why this blog post. So, coming to the dress now. I chose a navy-blue Peter Pan Collar Work Dress with a not-so-cinched waist from the website. Now customization at this website is very easy. Either you choose a dress from the catalog, alter the sizes and the design (neck, sleeves, length, etc) or you chose a dress, select a ready-made size and get it delivered. Whatever way you choose, Samshek makes sure to get the dress to you within 5 days. Talk of convenience. Also, if you are anything like me and love pampering yourself with gifts, you need to get a dress from here and you’ll get to know what I am talking about once you see the package. It comes in a solid black box which indeed gives it major luxury clothing feels. Try it to believe it.

The dress I chose here is from their Corporate clothing section and is named as the Peter Pan Collar Work Wear Dress. All the dress details are mentioned on the website and the dress design completely adheres to what is shown on the website, so no faltering on that front. The dress is made of a gorgeous crepe fabric, has a rounded peter pan collar, a belt which gathers at the waist and a concealed side zip which adds to the relaxed fit of the dress. I customized my dress sleeves to a little longer than what were shown on the website but other than that I kept the design intact so that you girls can see what kind of designs does the brand have.

The only drawback I feel for this dress is the length and had I been a tad bit shorter or had got the dress altered to be an inch longer at the knees, I feel this would have been all the more flattering. But this isn’t really the dress’ or the brand’s fault! However, the belt at the upper waist (which comes with belt loops) should have been accompanied with a real waist belt of a similar or contrasting colour. Here I have paired my dress with a nude belt and heels of similar colour to add to the formal chic look but without the belt, the belt loops do look a little awkward just lying there.

For the formal and polished look, here I have paired this soft crepe navy blue short length formal dress with my favourite blue jewelled earrings which I got off a flea market. The hues of blue in the earrings look iridescent with the navy hue of the dress while making the outfit look classy, chic and sophisticated at the same time. These earrings for sure add the much-needed fun element in the dress. But if you are of the serious corporate world where fun dressing is not acceptable, by all means, swap the earrings for some pearls, remove the bright red handcuff and adorn a beige-nude manicure for that added oomph. The nude heels and the beige belt will do the rest of the formal work for you just fine.

Remember, it is only when you feel confident that you look confident. And only when you look confident, will the world believe in you and let you take charge while respecting you for the same. Clothing makes a big difference in who you are, but it does not define you. You are beautiful with or without a business suitor a formal dress. never forget that.
The Curvy Princess

Monday, 16 April 2018

How To Customize Off Shoulder Ruffle Sleeve Top

Customize your off shoulder ruffle sleeve top for women. Samshek offers plus size clothing at affordable prices with free home delivery in India, UK and USA.

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